6 thoughts on “Final Round of Meanjin Tournament of Books: Breath vs Sea Hearts

  1. Hi Belinda … I have been writing up the tournament on my blog and in my latest report of Round 2 (I plan to do the final round this weekend) a couple of commenters – one a blogger, and one a writer – have criticised the tournament. I’d be interested in what you as a writer think about it, what you understand Meanjin to mean by it?

    1. Hi… well, it’s an organised series of comparative book reviews, with the intention of being light-hearted and entertaining (or so the judging brief tells us!), and starting a conversation about the books involved. I guess the high-level objective is to promote Australian fiction in an entertaining way. If you google “tournament of books” you can see that a few different publications around the world do them – not sure who was first! Without knowing what the criticism is, it is hard to respond to? 🙂

  2. Thanks Belinda … yes, I have seen the American one which I think Meanjin referred to when they did their first in 2011. What you say is how I’ve seen it, but, I have had comments this year and in 2011 (less so last year) that indicated not everyone sees it that way. I hope you don’t mind if I quote you (with a link here).

    1. Hi – sure, by all means. Though this seems to be a bit of a joust with mirrors – you may be better off seeking comment from Meanjin directly! (Though they’re out of the office for xmas/NY currently.)

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