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Overland 240.5: Special Digital Fiction Edition

I’ve been a volunteer fiction reader for Overland for nearly three years now, which involves being one of the first few eyes on a submission, and mostly agreeing but sometimes duking it out with other readers over whether it should go up to the ‘real’ editor. Had an absolute blast being let loose as member of the collective of readers who all got to be ‘real’ editors for a minute and produce our own edition: Overland 240.5: Special Digital Fiction Edition. We picked seven stories, varied in tone and subject, all really worth a read.

The Things the Mind Sees Happen commended in Anne Elder Award 2019

A rather amazing thing has happened and it is that The Things the Mind Sees Happen has been commended in the Anne Elder Award for a first book of poetry published in 2019.

Many congrats to the winners, and particularly to my Slow Loris series-mate Alice Allan, also commended with her first full length book from Rabbit Poetry.

New publications

New poems out! Some new adventures in ekphrasis:

These poems carry a content note for domestic violence. I deeply appreciate the response they have had on social media:

  • Birds‘, Australian Book Review 419 (March 2020)
  • Dad‘, Meanjin 78:4 (Summer 2019) [paywalled]

Plus: the wonderful Verity La has released another ebook of favourite pieces of the last 10 years, in which I’m honoured my ‘Damboon’, a long short story about lesbians on a roadtrip in country Vic, appears – for sale here:

The Things the Mind Sees Happen – Poetry Chapbook

The Things the Mind Sees Happen – Poetry Chapbook

Very excited to announce my poetry chapbook The Things the Mind Sees Happen will be launched in Newcastle and Melbourne, and will be available for purchase from Puncher and Wattmann on or after 2 November 2019.

In honour of the occasion, my website has had a refresh, and released its previous extremely witty (or so I thought about 15 years ago) URL in favour of my name, as I understand is customary among the youth of today.

New poem, ‘Consolation and its discontents’, Meanjin, Winter 2019

I’ve been holding off posting this in case it came out of the paywall – but it looks like it’s not going to (ETA Oct 2019 – it’s out of paywall!).

Delighted to have a poem in winter Meanjin:

Poetry reading on ABC Radio National, Off Track presents Queer Out Here

EXTREMELY EXCITINGLY, ABC Radio National, a.k.a. The Grownup Radio, has produced a special edition of Queer Out Here which includes my reading from Queer Out Here episode 1, Feb 2018, of two poems about place and family estrangement.

The Queer Out Here special edition aired 5am (!) this morning 16/3/2019, and will repeat Sun 17/3 1pm, Thurs 21/3 11.30am. Or the podcast is also up for download.

Text of the poems, which are previously published:

More about Queer Out Here Episode 1:

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